It has always been the law in New Hampshire that someone who isn’t reasonably careful and causes harm to another party has to fairly compensate the victim. The advent of the automobile didn’t change that. If any motorized vehicle is driven without reasonable care and someone is injured as a result, the injured party is entitled to “full, fair and adequate” compensation for the harms and losses caused.

How does that happen? Usually not without a lot of hard work by someone who knows the law and the process. An insurance company’s business is making a profit by getting paid to assume the risk of a crash. They work, therefore, to minimize the cost of each claim. As a result, getting fair value for injuries and losses requires someone who knows how to protect and assert the interests of the victim. Ultimately, what an insurance company will pay on a claim depends on what they perceive to be their probable financial exposure. For that reason, a properly developed claim brought by a knowledgeable advocate has more value. Most personal injury cases settle without trial, but it is the threat of taking a hit in court that makes an insurance company eager to buy out of a claim.

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