Mediation Attorneys Nashua, New Hampshire

Mediation is a process in which New Hampshire Courts now require divorcing parties to participate. Mediation is not binding. It is a meeting of the parties and counsel at which the parties discuss their case and their positions in the presence of a neutral third party. In the course of that discussion, the Mediator tries to help the parties find common ground for settling the matter by mutual agreement. The Mediator doesn’t decide the case. His or her goal is to get the parties to reach an agreement. If an agreement (partial or total) can be arrived at, the parties are able to minimize or eliminate the need for a Judge to decide the terms of their divorce. Doing so the parties can avoid significant financial costs and time delays associated with litigation. More importantly, the parties get to make decisions of their own instead of having a Judge make the decision for them. In the right cases, this process can be extremely effective.

It is essential to have an experienced lawyer representing you during the mediation process. Without a working knowledge of the law, parties will have no way to determine whether or not an agreement is fair. Every divorce presents a unique set of facts and circumstances that can drastically change the expected outcome in the case. The family law attorneys at Winer and Bennett will competently and effectively guide you through the mediation process.

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