Separation Attorney Nashua, New Hampshire

A divorce is ideally a civilized and business-like process. It is, after all, essentially the dissolution of an economic partnership. The reality, however, is that the process is more often combative, painful, tedious, complicated and risky – more akin to a battle to come out as well as possible from a heart-breaking disaster. In no other litigation are there more precious interests at stake.

For decades, the Nashua divorce lawyers at Winer & Bennett have represented clients going through the divorce process. While fair and efficient problem-solving is always the preferred course, these are lawyers who have the capacity, skills and experience to fight successfully for the best interest of their client, when the situation requires.


Some clients whose marriages have failed do not want to divorce for financial, religious or other reasons. In New Hampshire, a client has the option of a legal separation. A legal separation is everything that a divorce is – division of property and debts, an award of the parties’ parental rights, child support, alimony, but the parties remain married. Our lawyers represent clients who prefer legal separation.