trend of the law in new hampshire

The  trend of New Hampshire law today is to reduce the ability of a person wrongfully injured to recover for his or her losses.  It used to be that if you were a passenger injured in a car crash by the combined negligence of your driver and another driver, you were entitled to be made whole for your losses from either or both negligent drivers.  Under our current law the priority is no longer on making the innocent victim whole. Today, the law instead gives a higher priority to making sure to limit each negligent driver’s responsibility to his or her particular percentage of fault, whether or not the driver is unidentified, uninsured, insolvent or immune from suit under state law.  The legislation which has created this shift could be chalked that up to a change in social  values, but what  it means is that if you are the victim of someone else’s negligence, your chances of recovering for your losses and harms are less than they used to be.  One wonders whose interests are served by that law?

By: Peter G. Webb


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