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Sometimes, an injured worker’s most valuable workers’ compensation benefit is vocational rehabilitation.

If an injury permanently prevents a worker from doing the work that he or she has always done, and the worker’s residual earning capacity in the jobs he or she can now do is less than the pre-injury wages, services are to be provided to help get the worker back to pre-injury earnings.

Like everything in life, there can be a difference between the theory and the reality. But the injured worker has a lifetime ahead of him or her. An honest effort to help the worker return to the pre-injury earnings is not just what should happen, it is what the law says is supposed to happen.

This is accomplished by the worker’s compensation insurance company hiring a vocational rehabilitation consultant. That is someone with training, experience and credentials in returning people to employment.  It is the consultant’s job to work with the worker and to develop a plan to get the injured worker back to pre-injury wages.

If you are unlucky, you will get a vocational consultant who will go through the motions half-heartedly, or worse. If you are lucky, your vocational consultant will have the integrity to devise a real world plan to get you back on your financial feet.  In some cases that will mean training or education sufficient to provide the tools required to be eligible for employment in a new field.

If some additional education is reasonably required in order to bridge the gap between an injured worker’s pre-injury and post-injury earning capacity, my position is that the worker’s compensation insurance company has to provide that education.


By:  Peter G. Webb


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