dram shop actions – liability for negligent service of alcohol

New Hampshire law makes a business accountable if it serves alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person.  In New Hampshire, this legal protection is found in a statute: RSA 507-F “Alcoholic Beverage Licensee Liability.” Such a legal proceeding is commonly referred to as a “Dram Shop” action. The protections provided by this law often come into play when a patron at a bar or restaurant is irresponsibly overserved, and then drives off in a car and injures someone.

The ability to hold a business accountable for getting an obviously intoxicated person more drunk is only fair and often proves to be crucial in circumstances where the drunk driver carries little or no insurance and has few assets.  Without legal accountability on the part of the serving establishment for their part in creating a danger on the roadway, the innocent victim in such cases would have no way to recover for their harms and losses.  Because of our dram shop statute, the business’s insurance coverage is available to help provide adequate compensation to the victim.

If you or someone that you know has been injured by an intoxicated person, call Winer and Bennett today to learn whether you are entitled to compensation for the harm caused by the negligent or reckless provision of alcohol.

By: Brenner Webb, Esq.

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