mandatory initial self disclosure in divorce cases

There is a new step early on in the New Hampshire divorce process.  Family Division Rule 1.25-A now requires that each party disclose a wide variety of financial documentation within 45 days after the papers are served or 10 days before a small temporary hearing. See link at  This disclosure is a lot of tedious work, but I have to admit it helps.

No lawyer can competently counsel a client in a divorce case without an adequate understanding of the marital finances.  Until that level of comfort is achieved with an open and adequate exchange of financial information, it is not possible to settle a case.  Getting to that point sooner rather than later accelerates that process.  Our Court system is doing what it can to make the divorce process more efficient and more fair.  This new rule serves those objectives by eliminating the expensive gamesmanship which used to unnecessarily prolong the process.

By:  Peter G. Webb


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