wrongful death cases

New Hampshire law, RSA 556:12 [http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/LVI/556/556-12.htm] entitles the estate of someone whose death was wrongfully caused by another to receive monetary compensation from the responsible party. If there is no family, the estate’s recovery is limited to a maximum of $50,000.00. If the deceased left family, there is no maximum recovery for the estate. The compensation to which an estate is entitled is the sum of the value of:

  1. The mental and physical pain suffered by the deceased because of the injury.
  2. The financial expenses caused to the estate by the injury (medical bills and funeral expenses).
  3. The net lifetime earnings lost by the estate (earning capacity minus necessary living expenses).
  4. The years of life of which the deceased was probably deprived.

This law also provides that the surviving spouse and any minor children of the deceased their own right to recover for the loss of their loved one by the wrongful act of another. However, the statute limits a spouse’s recovery to a maximum of $150,000.00 and each minor child’s recovery to $50,000.00.

The estate and the surviving spouse have three years within which to settle or bring suit against the responsible party. Thereafter, the right to such a claim is lost. A minor child’s right to make such a claim would continue until the child’s 20th birthday.

By:  Peter G. Webb


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