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For a number of years, Attorney Peter Webb has been active in the Freedom’s Way organization. Freedom’s Way is a federally designated Heritage Area, a lite version of a National Park, under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service: no land, no buildings, no Smokey the Bear hats. It is a geographic region, consisting of 45 towns in MA and NH (Nashua, Milford, Hollis, Amherst, Brookline, New Ipswich, Greenville, Mason), which Congress concluded had special historical, cultural and natural assets worth recognizing and promoting. They’ve provided support to enable the program to get up and running. It’s been a labor of love by a number of people who want to organize activities of all kinds to celebrate our heritage in a sustainable way by partnering with governmental, commercial and private interests that share in the objective. Much has been done, and now a lot or creative work lies ahead to try to foster the supportive networks which will be required for its future success. All comers are welcome to become a part of the program. If you have the love, time and ambition, please join us at our annual meeting on Sunday, October 18th at The Old Manse, 269 Monument Street, Concord. MA, from 2 to 4 PM. It will be an inspiring time of year to be in historic Concord, and a wonderful opportunity to become a part of this important effort on behalf of the place we call home. See

By: Peter Webb

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