circuit courts are upon us

The advent of the Circuit Courts in NH is upon us.  The idea is to centralize the services provided by the Court in order to reduce administrative costs and, in theory, to make the Court more convenient for the consumer.  One stop shopping.  Where we now have Probate Court, Family Court, Juvenile Court, and Criminal Court, all those will be under one roof with a common Clerk and, I assume, Judge

The Judiciary will be the ones most stretched by the new arrangement.  A judge will often have to switch gears from reviewing a Probate Accounting to accepting a plea on a DWI, to hearing a Custody issue.  All in the same hour.  It will not be easy and the Judges will have to be cross trained.  Patience will be required.

The transition will have its challenges.  All changes do.  The current system has been in place for decades and confusion will reign for a while.  Lawyers and litigants alike are used to lines of demarcation.  It will take more time to figure out where to go and what to do.  There will be less human contact with the people who are the system.  Like the self checkout lines at the Supermarket, you will have to ring things up yourself, then pay.

It is unfair to criticize unless one has a better idea.  Obviously, our legal system has been neglected and needs some updating.  Electronic filing will help.  Streamlining the litigation process will free up valuable resources.  It seems like implementing these changes gradually would make sense.  We are told that the economic realities do not give us that luxury today.

It is hoped that, after a period of adjustment, the system will be in a better place.  Time will tell.  The effort is well intended.  Let us hope it is well designed.

By Kent M. Barker


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